About Ellen Guyer

A native New Yorker , I spent my first 5 years in Brooklyn  and then moved to Long Island where i grew up. As a child I loved making things with whatever I could find. I never thought of myself as an artist. My parents encouraged me by providing me with lots of supplies. I still never thought of myself as an artist but when I began college at Ohio University I never doubted that I would study art. At the beginning I focused on print making but found that I did not enjoy the process so I changed my focus to painting and so many years later I still look forward to every day when I can paint. After moving around the country I settled in Lexington, Kentucky where I returned to school and earned an MFA in painting and also earned certification to teach K-12. I did manage to teach on each level while trying to do art on the side.


Trying to balance my time became difficult and frustrating.  Aside from teaching I was a single parent and I took that responsibility very seriously. Several years later I began making jewelry. A pair of earrings were like a little piece of art. Several years later I stopped teaching and designed and produced jewelry full time. I exhibited my work at several juried shows including St. James Court and Penrod and sold to many shops, galleries and gift shoppes including the the shop at the the Museum Of Modern Art in Los Angeles.


Back to teaching for 10 years. Often I worked along with my students and discovered  materials I had never seriously worked with in the past. Gouache and colored pencils became my materials of choice for several years.


In the past I had worked on large abstract paintings. Just the time it took to create a large drawing was a factor in my decision to returning to return to painting.  


It is interesting that regardless  of what kind of art I pursue my color palette remains the same. My art has always been inspired by what  I see in nature and stories I have heard though I still use a combination of vibrant color rather than creating work that is a strict representation of nature..

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